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A 2 hour consultation to help you make the very best decisions: - Is a puppy the right choice - What breeds to consider - How to choose the right breeder - Questions to ask - Which puppy to select and more... 2 hours £99 including session notes and email support


A 2 hour introductory session for reactivity. £99 including session notes


Training Sessions allow you to learn new skills and/or revisit skills in a friendly, relaxed social atmosphere. No two sessions will be the same. Behaviours and skills covered may be repeated, but the games, activities & fun will be different as might the dogs & handlers attending. Operating on a "book & pay as you go" basis, you can come as often (or as little) as you would like to. Days and times will vary to give those who would like to attend as much opportunity as possible. Suitable for puppies/dogs of all ages from 16 weeks upwards. Maximum of 5 per session £10


A 2 hour consultation helping you fully plan and prepare for your new family member, creating the right environment and equipping you with the best knowledge so that the first four weeks are as positive and stress free as possible. Areas covered include: - Essential kit list - Puppy proofing home & garden - Crate training - Toilet training - Night-time - Mouthing, biting and chewing - Playtime - Enrichment - Socialisation with puppies and children - And more.. 2 hours £99 including session notes and email support


A 6 week course offering friendly, structured & supportive sessions, focusing on key foundation behaviours & life skills. Puppy training is a critical part of every dog's development, learning and socialisation. It is also essential for you as puppy's guardian and care-giver to learn how best to support your puppy, set them up for success and get the very best from them as well as learning how they learn. Puppy School introduces everything needed to begin developing a happy, confident, well-mannered puppy. I teach skills & strategies that make training and learning fun and motivating for both puppy and you and enable you to practice at home and on adventures. Topics include: Relationship Building Recall Loose Lead Walking Wait / Stay Jumping Up Drop Play Enrichment Co-operative Care Realistic Expectations ​Suitable for puppies from 10 weeks (first vaccinations required) up to 18 weeks old at the start of school. Maximum 4 per class ensuring individual attention, guidance & support.


A 5 week course introducing you and your dog to the incredible world of scent work. Understand how your dog's nose works and together with your dog, learn how to introduce scent identification before moving on to indications and searches. By the end of the course, you and your dog will be undertaking external vehicle searches, working in novel environments, performing "blind" searches and trying your paw at timed searches. You will be provided with a scent work kit to take away with you to practice wherever you want. Suitable for puppies/dogs of all ages from 16 weeks upwards. Maximum 4 per class to ensure individual attention for all £99 including starter scent kit & session handouts.


1:1 sessions or packages are suitable for any breed from 8 weeks old and are tailor made to your individual needs. For very young puppies, daily management, toilet training, biting/chewing, sleep/rest, crate training, natural behaviours, food & nutrition are focused on alongside an introduction to some key life skills and behaviours. For older puppies, adolescents, new rescues, support and training for any areas required are tailored to meet agreed specific objectives and requirements.


A 6 week course packed full of practical support for anyone with a puppy heading towards adolescence or going through adolescence. Adolescence is the most challenging phase that you and your puppy will go through. It is essential to continue training. Realistic and appropriate expectations are required - adolescents are impulsive and excitable, that's normal! It's the time to ensure that you are setting clear boundaries and expectations through consistent communication while continuing to build a bond based on love, kindness, patience, respect and dignity. Teenage Tinkers will give you the skills to navigate adolescence and enable you to build confidence in your puppy and their abilities. When we approach adolescence with patience we help create a world that is predictable and gentle so that our puppies can grow up to be their best selves. Through reward based training, consistency and fun, I will support you in helping your puppy to make better choices, be less distracted and more calm. Topics covered include: Focus & Engagement Movement, Patterns & Predictability Impulse Control Distractions Social Skills Recall Loose Lead Walking & Lead Skills Suitable for puppies from 20 weeks - 3 years Maximum 4 per class ensuring individual attention, guidance & support.


A fun, friendly, relaxed and supportive opportunity to put your training into practice in a live environment under my guidance as well as a great way to explore what may be a new location and maybe make new friends. Always thoroughly enjoyed by the humans as well as the dogs! Locations include The Roundway, Bishops Cannings, Morgans Hill, Westmead Open Space, Bowood, Yatesbury, West Woods and more... Suitable for puppies/dogs of any age from 16 weeks upwards. Maximum of 6 per adventure £7.50 / £10

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