Based between Calne & Devizes, The Puppy Adviser offers training, support and advice

for puppies and dogs of all ages and their parents through

individual consultations, training sessions and training packages.

(Group classes also held - please visit my Facebook page for the latest information0

My name is Julia and I am educated by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.


I will help you develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to build and enjoy

a rewarding and fulfilling bond with your puppy that will last a lifetime.

All training, support and advice embraces modern, positive methods and uses reward-based techniques. These have been scientifically proven to give long lasting results without causing intimidation, fear or pain or using any aversive devices.

It is often referred to as positive reinforcement but put simply,

it’s giving something a puppy loves in exchange for the behaviours we desire.

Science also tells us that you learn much better when you’re having fun!

I will show you the best way to teach your puppy so puppy is super keen to learn and get it right.

Image by Jamie Street