Based between Calne and Devizes, The Puppy Adviser offers training, support and advice

for dogs of all ages & breeds and their humans through

tailored individual training sessions, packages & consultations

alongside group classes & workshops held regularly throughout the year.

The Puppy Adviser also specialises in scent work and offers

workshops or individual sessions and fun trials.

Image by Bharathi Kannan

My name is Julia and I am a qualified dog trainer, 

educated and assessed by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers

and externally verified by the Open College Network.

I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol which shows that

I am checked, monitored & supported by the leading trainer organisation

and I abide by the ethical, welfare & conduct obligations.

I am an invited member of The Pet Professional Guild.


Passionate about scent work, I am also a qualified

Scent Work Bronze Instructor with UK Sniffer Dogs.

I will equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to build and enjoy

a rewarding and fulfilling bond with your puppy, adolescent, rescue or older dog

that will last a lifetime.

I not only teach all key behaviours, I also develop life skills - helping your dog

to have optimism, resilience, independence, impulse control,

make the right choices and have effective coping strategies.

All my training, support and advice embraces modern, positive force free methods

and uses reward-based techniques.

These have been scientifically proven to give long lasting results without causing

intimidation, fear or pain or using any aversive devices.

It is often referred to as positive reinforcement but put simply,

it’s giving something a dog loves in exchange for the behaviours we desire.

I will show you the best way to teach your dog so he / she is super keen to learn and get it right.

My training approach emphasises kindness, calmness and fun.

Science tells us that you learn so much better when you're having fun!

Mrs D, 6mth Pointerdor

" is the best money I have ever spent on him! The hour with Julia gave me confidence and realistic methods to make sure the relationship with my dog was happy and successful. I highly recommend Julia and will be back for more help if needed."


The foods we feed our dogs impacts upon every aspect of their lives - their health, happiness even their behaviour.

Good food is essential. Always buy the best you can afford.

I am an Ambassador for Butternut Box, a UK company who take the best quality ingredients and gently cook them to create simple, tasty complete meals before freezing to lock in the freshness. Grain free, preservative free. For all ages and breeds. Highly recommended for "fussy' eaters.

Butternut Box is only available online.

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Play is one of the most important activities that we can do with our dogs. 

Interactive play not only boosts the bond between you and your dog, it also releases oxytocin and dopamine, important neurochemicals that are related to feelings of positivity and contentment, within your dog.

I partner with Tug-e-Nuff, a UK company based in the South West who specialise in interactive, motivational tug toys and recommend these as the best toys for use in the wider environment, helping to supercharge recall and build focus & engagement.

To find the best toy for your best friend, visit

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